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The REVAMMAD project employs thirteen Early Career Researchers, each of whom is undertaking a PhD project; the PhD topics are designed to complement each other to form the overall project.

Matteo Aletti - Multiscale vascular modelling – INRIA, France

Weiwei Xiang – Modelling of flow under normal and pathological conditions – Charité, Berlin

Anastasiia Neganova – Modelling of retinal arteriolar vasomotion – University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Francesco Calivá – Image geometry measurement – University of Lincoln, UK

Roberto Annunziata – Dynamic vascular measurement in UWFV SLO fluorescein angiograms – University of Dundee, UK

Jeff Wigdahl – Diagnostic Feature Extraction – University of Padova, Italy

Pedro Guimarães - Conjunctiva vessel analysis – University of Padova, Italy

Evangelia Kotsiliti – Retinal Vascular Disease Progression, Validation and Correlation – Health Intelligence, UK

Georgios Leontidis – Diagnosis and early screening for Diabetic Retinopathy – University of Lincoln, UK

Sergio Crespo – Retinopathy of prematurity – Charité, Berlin

Giovanni Ometto – Age related macular degeneration – Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

Carlos Hernández Matas – Hypertension – FORTH-ICS, Greece

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