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Piotr Chudzik – Progress Report 2

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piotr_chudzik_progress_report_slideDuring last 6 months I managed to accomplish an important milestone in my project, namely the creation of a prototype of Data Warehouse. Initial architecture decisions proved to be correct and led to an implementation that is robust and flexible at the same time. Existence of a prototype  allows me to start incorporating datasets and computations into the system as well as commence testing of all components interacting with each other. Data warehouse is built using innovative technologies and we believe that it has a strong industrial potential because (to the best of our knowledge)  there is no similar solution in the market. The existence of  Data Warehouse which stores multiple heterogeneous datasets and computations that makes it easy to query them is essential before proceeding to the next part of the project which is extracting similar retinal images. After reviewing scientific literature dealing with similarity learning I decided to use deep learning which excels at learning  intermediate representations of highly dimensional data that can be used to learn similarity between medical images.  My deep learning research led me to a discovery of a novel approach for retinal vessel segmentation that can compete with the state-of-the-art methods in this field.

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