Jean Frederic Gerbeau

Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau
Head of team “REO”, FRANCE

INRIA and Université P. & M. Curie – Paris 6

INRIA team “REO”

20 People in applied mathematics and biomedical engineering: computational hemodynamics, respiration modeling, cardiac electrophysiology.

Mathematical modelling / Scientific computing /
Fluid-Structure Interaction / Cardiovascular modelingMethods
Finite Element

Reduced Order Modelling / Data Assimilation

Project: ESR 1.1 Multiscale vascular modelling of retinal hemodynamics.

The research program is addressing the mathematical modelling and the numerical simulation of various phenomenon taking place in the retina. The work is in particular motivated by the modelling of diseases like the Retinopathy Of Prematurity (ROP), which is a common cause of blindness in children, or the Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD), which causes loss of central vision in the ageing population.

A multiscale mathematical model of the retinal hemodynamics will be proposed. The starting point will be a system of one-dimensional Euler equations. Numerical simulations will be based on the data obtained from retinal imaging modalities used in the Revammad network. Data assimilation techniques recently developed at INRIA will be used in order to adapt the model to measurements. Two modelling issues will be considered during the project: the neovascularization under the action of vascular endothelium growth factor and the interaction between neural cells and microcirculation.

Major 5 Publications

– P Moireau, N Xiao, M Astorino, CA Figueroa, D Chapelle, CA Taylor, JF Gerbeau
External tissue support and fluid–structure simulation in blood flows
Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology 11 (1-2), 1-18, 2012

– Projection schemes for fluid flows through a porous interface, A Caiazzo, MA Fernández, JF Gerbeau, V Martin SIAM J Scientific Comp 33 (2), 541-564, 2011

– MA Fernández, JF Gerbeau, C Grandmont, A projection semi‐implicit scheme for the coupling of an elastic structure with an incompressible fluid
International J Numerical Methods in Engineering 69 (4), 794-821, 2007

– P Causin, JF Gerbeau, F Nobile, Added-mass effect in the design of partitioned algorithms for fluid–structure problems, Comp Meth Appl Mech Engng 194 (42), 4506-4527, 2005

– L Formaggia, JF Gerbeau, F Nobile, A Quarteroni, On the coupling of 3D and 1D Navier–Stokes equations for flow problems in compliant vessels, L Formaggia, Comp Meth Appl Mech Engng 191 (6), 561-582, 2001


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