First Workshop – Lincoln

First REVAMMAD network-wide training event

The First REVAMMAD workshop took place at the University of Lincoln from 24 November to 6 December 2013.

This introductory workshop provided our ESRs and external researchers grounding in the key clinical and biomedical aspects of the project, and some fundamental transferrable skills:

  • Clinical background. Physiology of the vasculature and retina, diseases, societal issues, interventions, diagnostics, health sector policy.
  • Basic vascular modelling. Computational flow dynamics, particle models, mechanical properties, microvascular structure and rheology.
  • Basic retinal imaging. Imaging technologies, segmentation algorithms, filtering, noise, resolution limitations, extracting measurements, reference standards, registration.
  • Research skills. Ethics, remote collaboration and e-tools, time management and PDP.
  • Brainstorm/team-building activities. Collaborative activities to generate initial ideas to address key research problems (identified by academic team), including presentation to and critique by whole ESR group as well as activities to encourage relations amongst all network participants.

Workshop 1_short agenda

Workship 1_full programme

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