REVAMMAD is a European Union project aimed at combatting some of the EU’s most prevalent chronic medical conditions using retinal imaging.   The 3.8 million euro project is training a new generation of interdisciplinary scientists for the academic, clinical and industrial sectors, and will trigger a new wave of biomedical interventions.  Our PhD students are receiving training by some of the EU’s leading academics and practitioners to achieve further advances in diagnosis, prognosis and prevention of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke and coronary heart disease and retinal diseases.


During the first REVAMMAD network event held at University of Lincoln in November 2013, REVAMMAD fellows worked together to create a project logo.  The logo was then professionally rendered by an art student at University of Lincoln and is now available for use on REVAMMAD posters, etc.  To view the full scale logo, click on the small image above.


Podio E-collaboration and Project Management Toolpodio_logo




Podio has kindly offered a license to the REVAMMAD network.   Visit Podio to sign up and unleash openess and structure in your organisation!