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Sergio Crespo Garcia – Progress Report 3

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I am participating actively in several projects that approach neovascularization under pathological conditions in the retina, with the interaction of an inflammatory or hypoxic environment. Projects to mention are:

  • Quantification of activated microglia in vivo in laser CNV MacGreen mouse.
  • Settling of a model for hypertensive retinopathy: dTGR.
  • Settling of a model for diabetic retinopathy in a knock down rat: TetO.
  • Analysis in vivo and in vitro of CD11b+ cells under ROP paradigm. .
  • The role of Netrin4 under pathological neovascularization.
  • In vivo follow-up of macrophages in early stages of STZ MacGreen mouse and comparison with a double model MacGreen-Netrin4-/-.
  • Role of PlGF in pathological neovascularization.
  • Chronic bilateral cranial hypoperfusion in mice analysis in the retina.


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