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ESR 2.2 Roberto Annunziata


Roberto Annunziata

Home country: Italy
Host institution: University of Dundee
Advisor at host institution: Prof. Manuel Trucco (manueltrucco@computing.dundee.ac.uk)
Mailing address: University of Dundee, School of Computing
Email address: r.annunziata@dundee.ac.uk

Research interests:

My research interests focus on image processing and pattern recognition, more specifically on retinal image analysis . As part of REVAMMAD project, my research addresses the problem of lesions segmentation in retinal images, their characterization through an efficient image features selection with the aim of obtaining a robust lesion classification. Along with the state-of-the-art capturing techniques which show retina with a narrow Field of View, UWFV SLO (Ultra Wide Field of View Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopes) will be used to assess developed approaches on a wider area of human retina.

Curriculum vitae: cv_roberto_annunziata

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