Georgios Leontidis – Progress Report 5

In the last six months my work has focused on implementing an alternative method for summarising the retinal vessel calibres in more than one group (healthy, diabetics and DRs), which will yield and estimate the trunk vessel more accurately than the current method in literature. In addition to that, the different areas inside the retina were defined, using as landmarks the optic nerve head and fovea. These areas, that have been found to include the most lesions during the progression of DR, will be used for extracting geometric features in order to see whether any significant changes occur prior to the onset of DR. In collaboration with another ESR, vascular trees were segmented, connected and a series of hemodynamic features were calculated alongside the geometric ones, in order to conduct an overall analysis of the changes and the effect that the diabetes/DR have to the retinal vasculature during the last three years of diabetes until the first year of DR.

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