Francesco Caliva – Progress Report 6

The progression from diabetes to diabetic retinopathy is associated with changes in retinal haemodynamics. In collaboration Progress Report 6with Georgios, a longitudinal study of twenty-four subjects was conducted. In this study, we monitored the retinal haemodynamics during the three years before the appearance of diabetic retinopathy (DR) and in the first year of DR. We took vascular measurements from standard fundus images, and estimated fluidynamic parameters using a simple haemodynamic model. We show that there are statistically significant changes in some estimated haemodynamic parameters associated with the development of DR.
Please refer to the related paper “Hemodynamics in the retinal vasculature during the progression of diabetic retinopathy” (F. Calivá, G. Leontidis, P. Chudzik, A. Hunter, L. Antiga, B. Al-Diri), which was successfully submitted to the Journal for modeling in Ophthalmology.

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