Roberto Annunziata – Progress Report 6

During the last period, I have been focusing on revising our Medical Image Analysis paper presenting and validating the whole framework for automated corneal nerve image tortuosity estimation and interpretation. Moreover, I have been drafting and revising an IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging paper on accelerating convolutional sparse coding for curvilienar structure segmentation and a new, more robust version of the SCIRD filters (see Figure) I proposed at MICCAI 2015. In the last part of the period I have been writing my PhD thesis and successfully passed the viva-voce examination on the 12th of Aug, subject to some very minor revisions. In parallel, I have tested the system I developed on a large data set of ~500 images from subject with different pathologies and a clinical paper is being written by our collaborators at Harvad Medical Schiool and Tufts Medical Center to report the main outcomes.
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Progress Report 6 - Slides (DHB)

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